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As Malibu has always had a dear place in my heart, It’s not a surprise that I came back there today. Looking at the ocean on the PCH and after a fish and chips on the way, I decided to go up in the hills in search of those beautiful fields of wildflowers. I always loved flowers in a very particular way as the first collection I created in California was inspired by them. Check out the Californication collection shot in Venice Beach on Van Burk Official or here the cutest outfits for girls I created to match mom.

those flowers were magically just matching the outfit I chose to go on this trip. I wore a bright yellow floral dress from the English Designer Karen Millen . A very elegant dress but at the same time extremely practical. Perfect for any occasions. I highly recommend Karen Millen ‘s dresses as they really have a perfect fit on anyone. It’s a dress I love to wear as it boost my mood to maxi as soon as I put it on.

So when I saw the field I jumped out of the car, running in between the flowers. From where I was standing, I could see the sky merging in the ocean. What a spectacle! Nature at its best.

The inner child in me was released! In a very stylish way though! lolI felt I could conquer the world, I could achieve the impossible…
I felt so free!
Stay tuned I’ve got some more adventures coming up.

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Your Swiss Girl in LA,
Steph van Burk

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