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5 years ago, I crossed the pacific ocean for someone I fell in love with. I landed in Agoura Hills, close to Malibu. Often we would drive to the pacific ocean, to relax and listen to the calming sound of the waves. I fell in love with Malibu.


As a fashion designer, I have always been in love with vibrant colors and I could find them back in those beautiful landscapes.

In spring, fields are full of colorful flowers, mountains surrounded by the ocean more turquoise than ever.

In Malibu, I always felt a bit like home, in Switzerland, with the advantage of endless beaches, ocean and an amazing weather on the top of it.

Because yes, I didn’t mentioned it yet. I am from Switzerland.

Those last 3 years though have been quite tough. I separated from my loved one and moved to the city, downtown los Angeles. Which is quite different.

So recently, I finally had a chance to go back to Malibu, enjoying the beautiful colors of my surrounding.

I decided to wear a very bright and happy outfit for the occasion.

Something I could go on the beach with but also travel around in Malibu, in style, to get a iced coffee in a fancy place.

So I decided to combine the colorful “Love Squad” leather jacket (one of a kind) I created with this real cute little dress navy & white from En Route .

I jumped with no hesitation in my super comfi tennis shoes from Guess that I highly recommend.


As soon as I saw the beach, I ran close by the ocean. For a girl that’s from Switzerland it’s like a vacation.

low res

After enjoying the sun for a while, I went to play “Baywatch” of course! lol something that I used to watch and that would make me dream when I was a child.

DSC01082low res

I actually created the jacket I am wearing inspired by the vibrant colors of Malibu.

I have always been a child at heart so primary colors are in sync with my personality.

The collection is still in process but I am already taking orders. Keep an eye on what’s going on in my IG @stephvanburk

So if you are crazy about pop colors, you got your girl!

Hit me up here and let me know your fav colors and size. I’ll do a custom jacket handmade and one of a kind just for you.

You can also get the one I am wearing here.

For now stay tuned, I think I got hooked on writing these blogs 🙂 It’s so much fun!

Let me know in the comment section what’s your favorite spot on earth and if you dig this outfit.

Follow your girl on IG @stephvanburk

Your Swiss girl in LA,

Steph van Burk

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